Saturday, March 08, 2014


Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 11 X-rated

In Afghan, with Finnish and English subtitles.

Finland 2013
Fiction | 15 min

Director: Sawandi Groskind
Afganistanista paennut Sulaiman päätyy pohjoissuomalaiseen mökkiin piilottelemaan ja odottamaan oleskelulupaa. On ruokaa, on eksistentiaalisia ajatuksia ja kysymyksiä.
After fleeing from Afghanistan, Sulaiman finds himself hiding in a cabin in northern Finland, waiting for a residence permit. He’s got food, and some existential thoughts and questions

AA: There are the orders to stay strictly indoors. He goes out all the same and eats some apples from a neighbour's tree. The permission is granted. What is it to live as a free man? Reminiscences from during the flight. The high cliff, the will to jump. "I'd love to pick some berries". Finding clothes at the used clothes' store. Picking buckthorn (tyrni) berries. Working as a library help. We are in a Swedish speaking area. The final image: passing a football. The location was: Jakobstad / Pietarsaari.

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