Thursday, March 06, 2014

Voices of El Alto / Ääniä El Altosta

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 6
In Spanish, en español, with Finnish and English subtitles


Finland, South Africa 2013
Documentary | 49 min

Director: Benjamin Oroza
Tarinateltta on pystytetty Bolivian altiplanon El Alton kaupunkiin. Teltasta muodostui taianomainen tila jossa tarinat, runot ja laulut muodostavat elokuvassa sen suuren tarinan El Alton elämästä ja ihmisistä.
Bolivia, El Alto. In a city over 4000 meters above sea level, a Storytent is set up in a marketplace to collect stories from random by-passers without any thematic limitations imposed by the film makers

AA: A tent for storytellers, a space for confessions and revelations. There are terrible stories of molestation and abandonment. There are portraits of silence. There are confessions of love. And declarations of rebellion: "You can only kill me. I'll be back in the millions." Men and women of all ages. There is visual beauty in the portraits of the storytellers in their traditional Bolivian wear. There are epic views of El Alto, the mountain city above the sea. The colour world of the clothes and the landscapes is impressive. "Soy rebelde" is sung by Franka Oroza.

The cinematography and the still photography by Meeri Koutaniemi is of the highest order.

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