Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hiroshima, mon amour 4K (Argos Films digital restoration 2013)

I checked the beginning of the 2013 Argos Films digital restoration of Hiroshima, mon amour in 4K at Cinema Orion, Helsinki (Marguerite Duras Centenary, Carte blanche à Pirjo Honkasalo), 11 March 2014.

It is a refined job of digital restoration done with great taste and sensitivity. A special feature either in the original cinematography or in this restoration is that deep black is missing.

Or perhaps the dcp was not like it should be? Dcp's are not identical. Of the same film, some dcp's are successful, some are not, and distributors know that they sometimes need to order a new dcp when the one sent is not good enough.

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