Friday, March 07, 2014

Jää / On Ice

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 8

Finland 2013
Documentary | 10 min

Director: Sanna Liljander
”Mikset sä vaan nouse sieltä?” Elokuva masennuksesta, ystävyydestä ja tahdonvoimasta. Välillä pitää hakata avanto ja kohdata tumma hyinen vesi.
“Why don't you just get up from there?” A film about depression, friendship and willpower. Once in a while you have to shatter the ice and confront the cold dark water underneath

AA: A first person narrative of a woman fighting her way out of depression. Illuminated by the story of two women making a hole in the ice and then taking a dip in the ice cold water. You cannot beat depression, but you can domesticate it. "I'm not afraid of it at all anymore". With Kaija Juurikkala.

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