Thursday, March 06, 2014

Kuka välittää? Who Cares?

Tampere Film Festival: National Competition 4
In Finnish with English subtitles


Finland 2014
Documentary | 54 min

Director: Mikko Piela
Kuka välittää? Who cares? on vahva visio olemassaolon taistelusta nykypäivän Itä-Helsingissä. Vuodenajat vaihtuvat, mutta leipäjono kasvaa. On nälkää, kodittomuutta ja yleistä kurjuutta. Mutta on myös ihmisiä, jotka oikeasti välittävät ja toimivat.
Kuka välittää? Who cares? is a powerful vision of the struggle to survive in the modern-day East Helsinki. Seasons change, but the bread queues lengthen. Hunger, homelessness, and misery prevail. Yet, there are those who truly care and act

AA: Mikko Piela's strong and personal statement about marginalization today. Those who visit the social security office, the employment office, and the social insurance office, and after all the immense paperwork are still left out of home, food, and shelter. There are the traditional marginalized ones such as alcoholics and narcotica addicts, but increasingly there are outcasts from the crumbling middle-class, and more and more young people who have never been employed. Many old people cannot make ends meet with their tiny pensions.

Key witnesses here are those who dedicate their lives to helping others such as Karoliina Puuska, a deacon, who opens her church once a month for the homeless, and Djemile Ramadani, a hairdresser who once a month spends a day for voluntary work for those who cannot pay.

From these viewpoints Mikko Piela opens an epic vision of our society today.

The key image: the endless breadlines, also juxtaposed in a memorable image with the lines of people at a subway station.

There is also a philosophical and religious vision formulated by Karoliina Puuska. We come here alone and we leave this world alone, but in between it's a journey we make together. A hungry one is never very nice. Helping others can also reduce crime and violence.

I did not like the score, but there is a brilliant vintage selection, "Näenhän valoisan taivaan" ["I Do See That Sky Full Of Light"] by Tauno Palo and Ansa Ikonen (1940), played during the sequence of the double queues (the breadline and the metro queue).

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