Friday, March 07, 2014

Children of the Lost Era

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 9

Finland 2013
Experimental | 7 min

Director: Hanna Ojamo
Lyhytelokuva keskittyy siihen, kuinka lapset esitettiin historiallisissa fiktiotarinoissa ja dokumenteissa fasismin ja poliittisten myllerrysten aikakaudella.
The short film concentrates on the way children have been portrayed in historical fiction and documentaries of the era of fascism and political upheaval

AA: A compilation from silent movies with a focus on children. Colonial footage from Africa. Underwater animal footage. A little black boy assisting a clown. Biplanes. Histrionic acting. Our Gang footage. Shoeshine kids. Mountain expedition footage. Parachuting. Landing. Music / Soundscape: Mikko Väärälä.

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