Friday, March 07, 2014

Nahjus ja poika / A Sluggard and His Son

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 9


Finland 2012
Documentary | 19 min

Director: Mikko Järvinen
Nahjus ja poika käsittelee sukupuolirooleja ja identiteettiä suhteessa kolmevuotiaan Aapelin isän elämään. Akkamaisten poikien seurassa nuoruutensa viettänyt mies on nyt isä ja talon omistaj
A Sluggard and His Son addresses gender roles and identities in relation to the life of three-year-old Aapeli’s father. After spending his life amongst effeminate boys, he is now a father and a house-owner

AA: The slobbish guy has not followed his life lesson of never marrying, never owning a house, never having kids. He makes a big deal of his ineptitude. Or is it a show of grandiloquent self-deprecation? Shot in the wintertime around a omakotitalo, a detached private old house in the countryside. Dad and son build an ice bandy field on their own yeard. A discourse on masculinity. And perhaps on arrested development. But most probably it's all a joke.

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