Saturday, March 08, 2014


Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 10

Finland 2014
Experimental | 5 min

Directors: Arttu Nieminen, Roosa Nevala
Kaminan aistillinen, poeettinen rytmi vie sinut erämaan keskelle mökkiin, jossa rakkaus ottaa hypnoottisen muodon. Takkavalkea todistaa elämän ihmettä, kun kahdesta tulee yksi.
The sensual poetic rhythm of Kamina leads you to a cabin in the wilderness where love turns in to a hypnotic shape. Light in the fireplace witnesses the miracle of life, when two become one

AA: An ominous soundscape, deep sounds, rhythmic beats. The old iron fireplace is like a magical object. There are strange light phenomena in the sky in the wilderness. There is an abstracted vision of a sexual union, blurred to the point of no recognition. Is it a holy union in a church or a black sabbath. Music: "Pain Bug In My Eye" by Senking.

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