Thursday, March 06, 2014

Näin unta elämästä / Once I Dreamt of Life

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 7
In Finnish, with English subtitles


Finland, Germany, Sweden 2014
Documentary | 77 min

Director: Jukka Kärkkäinen, Sini Liimatainen
”Kun puhutaan itsemurhasta, puhutaan itse asiassa elämästä, ei kuolemasta. Joka päivä keskimäärin kolme ihmistä tekee itsemurhan Suomessa. Tuhannet ihmiset joutuvat vuosittain itsemurhan kanssa tekemisiin, ja aihe koskettaa miltei jokaista suomalaista.
“When one talks about suicide, one talks about life, not death.” Every day in Finland alone, three people commit suicide. Thousands of people are affected by suicide annually

AA: A multi-character documentary study about suicide produced in collaboration with relevant organizations. The film has clearly been made because there is a need.

Hallmarks of this valuable film are a sense of engagement and a sense of honesty. We need to know about depression from the experiences of those who have been driven to the point of suicide. We also need to know about psychosis, panic disorder, and anxiety.

There is an atmosphere of confidence in the interviews with those who have attempted suicide and those who are trying to cope with the suicide of a dear one. You never recover, but you can learn to deal with it better. It is important to share.

Memorable: the mother of Aleksi who has committed suicide. "I realized that I was inviting guests to my son's funeral. Can there be anything more terrible?"

Memorable: a young woman tells about waking up at a hospital after a suicide attempt: "Am I still in this hell?" Since then, she has fallen in love and become a mother of a little girl, creator of new life.

In the finale we see home movie footage of the teenager Aleksi playing J. S. Bach's partita no. 3 in E major on the violin.

Memorable animated inserts by Gregor Dashuber illuminate the inner abyss of Aleksi in the grip of the death drive.

A film about the sense of loss and the will to live.

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