Friday, March 07, 2014

FestArt 2014 Salla Tykkä: Victoria, Airs above the Ground, Giant

FestArt 2014 Salla Tykkä, Victoria, Airs above the Ground, Giant, total duration 30 min, HD Video on three large screens, TR1 Taidehalli (Väino Linnan aukio 13), Tampere, 7 March 2014.

FI 2014 - written and directed by SALLA TYKKÄ - cinematographer SAMULI SAASTAMOINEN - supervising sound designer JANNE JANKERI - editor SALLA TYKKÄ - camera assistant MIKKO LEVOSKA - sound designers JOHANNES ELO, KIMMO VÄNTTINEN - production services 42 KM FILM - executive producer MARCELA URSU - production co-ordinator DENISA POPA - sound services RAZA STUDIO - sound engineer SEBASTIAN ZSEMLYE - lighting & grip equipment ECHIPA de VIS PRODUCTION - gaffer IONEL IANCAU - grip FLORIN IANCAU - online editing JUHO RÄSÄNEN / POST CONTROL - colour timing TIMO LUOMANEN / POST CONTROL - thanks to: The coaches and the gymnasts of the gymnastics training centers in Deva and Onesti - Romanian Gymnastics Federation / Anca Grigoras, Adrian Stoica - Cetate Deva National Sports College / Adrian Liga - Deva Municipal Sports Club / Mugurel Ciusca - Onesti Municipal Sports Club / Ingrid Istrate - TVR Archives - Gabriel Balaci, Elisabeta Bostan, Laurence Sillars, Venla Hellstedt, Hanna Timonen, Markus - This film used images from the feature film Campioana (1990) directed by Elisabeta Bostan, produced by România Film, Romania & Les Productions La Fête, Canada - financed with AVEK / ELENA NÄSÄNEN - Commissioned by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, 2013 - special thanks to ARTS PROMOTION CENTRE FINLAND, FINNISH CULTURAL FOUNDATION, OSKAR ÖFLUND STIFTELSE, WONDER BOX - producer MISHA JAARI - copyright FIVE YEARS PRODUCTION LTD 2014 

Synopsis Giant (2014): "Giant features leading junior team gymnasts of Romania. The film is shot in two boarding schools for artistic gymnastics in Onesti and Deva. A soundtrack of interviews with the gymnasts accompanies images of them training and of empty gymnasiums. Archive film footage starting from 1970s and clips from a feature fiction film shot in the same locations reveal not only a continuity in picturing this sport but also the structures of recording it."

Synopsis Airs above the Ground (2010): "The Lipizzan horse is considered to be the oldest extant cultural breed in Europe.
The breed dates back to the 16th century when it was created with the support of the Habsburg monarchy.
Lipizzan horses were bred to perform the purest form of classical riding, the High School dressage.
The finest representatives of Lipizzaner stallions begin training when they are four years old.
The horses are born dark and gradually grow lighter until they are completely white.

Synopsis Victoria (2008): "In the short film Victoria, a nightly blossoming of the giant water lily is depicted. The plant tells the story of European colonialism in the 19th century and hides within its beauty the human need for power and domination."

FestArt 2014 Salla Tykkä is a particularly successful art film exhibition on three large screens. The films are projected on HD Video one at a time. The visitor needs to move promptly to the next screen when the films change. A celebration of the joy of movement. There is a wonderful sense of space and light.

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