Saturday, March 08, 2014

Viis varpaista / No Time for Toes

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 10

Finland 2013
Animation | 8 min

Director: Kari Pieskä
Joskus kasvattaminen on puuroa, pukemista ja hampaiden harjaamista.
How does a father do? A short film about eating, sleeping, and brushing teeth

AA: Stylized, reduced animation (drawn, painted), white background, father with a crying baby. The sketchy animation focuses on outline and movement, sometimes there are no facial expressions. At the study: nothing goes right. The baby requires all the attention and energy. And then there is another baby. Taking care of both of them, endlessly running. A huge bear is reduced into a puppet teddy bear. "Tuu tuu tupakkarulla". A father's exhaustion. A third one is dumped on him, he ends up juggling them all.

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