Friday, March 07, 2014

Iris (2013)

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 9

Finland 2013
Fiction | 8 min

Director: Jenni Toivoniemi
Iris saapuu tapaamaan kesämökille muuttanutta isäänsä, kun ei ole saanut tähän yhteyttä. Milloin on aika luovuttaa ja pääseekö vanhemman juomisen aiheuttamaa huolta koskaan pakenemaan, vaikka kuinka yrittäisi?
Iris comes to meet her alcoholic father who has moved to the summer cottage in a forest. She seeks to connect with him but struggles to let go of her anger. It could be the last time they meet, or just one of the countless times he has worried her sick

AA: It is summertime. Iris arrives via a forest path. The father has stayed out all night. He is passive, out of touch. She makes some coffee and tries to inspire the lethargic father. "You should see people". "You have always carried the weight of the world on your shoulders". There is a pregnant sense of meaning in this cinematic short story. Heini Uuspaavalniemi, Heikki Häkkä.

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