Saturday, March 08, 2014

Försvinna / Vanquish

Tampere Film Festival. National Competition 10

På svenska, Finnish and English subtitles.

Finland 2013
Documentary | 10 min

Director: Anna-Sofia Nylund
On vaikea kuvailla, kuinka paljon jotakuta voi vihata. Nuori nainen löytää itsensä epämiellyttäviltä internetsivustoilta. Entisen kumppanin kostoyritys.
“It's hard to describe how much you can hate someone”. A young woman finds herself on unpleasant sites on the internet. A revenge attempt by her former partner

AA: A first person narrative by a woman about a relationship. Documentary footage of the life of ants, spiders, birds, deer, other animals, rotten fruit. Emerging from a deep forest. On Facebook she learned it's over. Yet she let him fix her computer, and he hacked into her chat logs. It turned out he had videos, too. Footage of a distressed woman preparing dough, eating some, covering her face with dough, and wandering with a mask of dough on. The guy was circulating hard core home video footage around her entire circle of friends. With Julia Korander.

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